The VIPKID Hutong: A Virtual Teacher’s Lounge

If you’ve been teaching withVIPKIDfor a while, you’ve probably heard of the VIPKID Hutong. It took me several months to figure out what the Hutong was and it wasn’t until recently that I found out why it is important for VIPKID teachers.

In this post, I’ll talk all about the Hutong and how you can use it to your advantage.

What Is The VIPKID Hutong?

Think of the Hutong as a virtual teacher’s lounge. This is where teachers can go to engage in conversation with each other, ask questions, and give feedback to VIPKID.


The Hutong is also a great place to hang out if you’re interested in earning more rewards. I’ll speak more about these rewards below.

Where Can I Find The VIPKID Hutong?

To find the Hutong, begin on your teacher’s dashboard. Hover over the “Community” tab and click “Hutong”. From here, you’ll be instantly redirected to the Hutong.


Luckily, the Hutong is relatively easy to navigate. There are very few things to do in the Hutong and all of the options are all laid out for you in the header menu. Therefore, once you reach the Hutong, it’s difficult to get lost.

The Hutong Discussion Boards

The Hutong is an excellent place to engage in conversation with other VIPKID teachers, ask questions, and share ideas. This is especially helpful for new teachers that are just getting started with VIPKID.

Although I highly recommend spending time reading throughmy blog posts about VIPKID, the Hutong offers even more information coming from a variety different sources.

Discussion Board

For example, one of my more popular blog posts isHow to Quickly Get Bookings with VIPKID。This is a very hot topic with new teachers because it can be difficult to fill your teaching schedule during the first couple of months with VIPKID.

While I highly recommend using all of the tips from my blog post, I also recommend reaching out to teachers in the Hutong and asking them for advice.

Start your own discussion within the Hutong discussion boards or use the search button to find similar topic discussions; you’ll be able to instantly join in on the conversation.

The Hutong Challenges

Another notable feature of the Hutong is the “Challenges” tab. On this page, you’ll find a list of VIPKID “challenges” that you can complete in exchange for tokens.

VIPKID Challenges in the Hutong

Tokens are given to teachers as a reward for different things like teaching a certain number of classes, receiving positive feedback from parents, and more.

To keep teachers engaged with the platform, VIPKID has designed challenges for us to complete(if we want)。这些挑战包括一些琐碎的问题,短readings about Chinese culture, sharing tips with other teachers, and so much more.

If you decide to complete these simple challenges, you’ll be rewarded with tokens. VIPKID updates these challenges each week, so be sure to check back periodically.

VIPKID Rewards + Tokens

Once you have earned 100+ tokens from the challenges in the Hutong, you can transfer them over to your VIPKID account. To transfer them, simply click on the “Rewards” tab at the top of the page or click on the token symbol next to your profile picture.

Select the number of tokens you want to be transferred from the Hutong into your VIPKID account. Transfers happen every Monday and Friday.

Challenges and Tokens in the VIPKID Hutong

So what is the point of VIPKID reward tokens? Although VIPKID tokens don’t have any true monetary value, they can be exchanged for prizes in the token center.

To access the token center, simply go to your VIPKID teacher’s dashboard and click the token symbol in the top right corner near your name. Once you reach the token center, scroll down to find a handful of prizes.


My favorite prizes are gift cards, which you can buy for approximately 250 tokens. Since I frequently buy things on Amazon, these gift cards come in handy. I typically earn about $10 toward Amazon each month from collecting tokens.

Note:as I mentioned, many teachers believe that the VIPKID Hutong is a waste of time. Up until recently, I believed the same thing. After realizing how easy it is to earn a few extra tokens in the Hutong(又名向亚马逊礼品卡), I’ve been spending more time there.

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Hutong

The VIPKID Hutong is the ultimate virtual teacher’s lounge. Use the Hutong to your advantage in order to interact and build relationships with other teachers, ask important questions, and earn extra tokens. The Hutong is an excellent resource for teachers, whether you are new to VIPKID or a seasoned veteran.

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        Wow, I just checked and it looks like you’re right (unless they are out of gift cards right now). If they’ve gotten rid of gift cards completely, I feel that tokens are a complete waste. It must have been within the past week or two because I just purchased a gift card two weeks ago with my tokens.. Wow, what a huge bummer..

        Thanks for letting me know!

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