VIPKID Hours & Time Charts

One of the most confusing aspects of teaching withVIPKIDis understanding the hours. Since VIPKID caters to Chinese students, teaching hours align with daylight hours in China. Below, I’ve explained exactly when you can teach with VIPKID and what are the highly demanded class times.

VIPKID Available Working Hours

Before I started teaching with VIPKID, I was under the impression that teachers could only teach during peak hours. While peak and peak-peak classes are the highly demanded lessons, teachers can ultimately teach up to 12.5 hours each day, if they want(but I don’t suggest it).

Each day, VIPKID hours begin at 8:30am and end at 9pm Beijing Time.

Since students are in school Monday through Friday, VIPKID classes during school hours are less common, but it is still possible to fill those school-hour timeslots. This is especially true for lower-level classes because some of these students are too young to go to primary school.

Many students even take classes during their lunch hour, which is typically from 12pm – 2pm Beijing Time.

School concludes at around 4pm each day; following this, there is typically a mad rush of students vying for classes.

VIPKID Peak Hours and Peak-Peak Hours

Peak and peak-peak hours represent the bookings that are most popular among students. Also known as PT and PPT, these classes occur from 6pm – 9pm on weeknights and 8:30am – 9pm on weekends.

If you are a new teacher with VIPKID and you’re working to fill your teaching slots, I recommend opening as many PT and PPT slots as possible. For more information about increasing your booking rate, check out our post:How to Quickly Get Bookings with VIPKID.

Peak Hours – Pacific Time

These are the most popular times to teach with VIPKID in the Pacific timezone:

VIPKID Pacific Time Peak Hours Time Chart

Peak Hours – Mountain Time

These are the most popular hours to teach in the Mountain timezone:

VIPKID Mountain Time Peak Hours

Peak Hours – Central Time

Here are the most popular times to teach in the Central timezone:

VIPKID Central Time Peak Hours Time Chart

Peak Hours – Eastern Time

These are the most popular hours to teach VIPKID in the Eastern timezone:

VIPKID Eastern Time Peak Hours Time Chart

Summer and Chinese New Year Hours

Peak and peak-peak VIPKID hours change during February, July, and August. During these three months, students have summer break and winter holiday for Chinese New Year.

Since they do not have school during these months, teachers typically increase their teaching hours to supplement their income even more.

Personally, I like to open more classes at night (Central Time) during Chinese New Year and in the summer because more students are willing to book these classes.

Being able to teach from 7:30pm to 10:00pm my time is always a huge relief; sometimes getting up at 4am every morning can take a toll on us VIPKID teachers.

If Chinese New Year (February) or summer holiday (July & August) is right around the corner, start opening classes accordingly. It’s a great way to give your paycheck a bump.

VIPKID Max Hours

VIPKID teachers could potentially teach up to 87.5 hours per week, but that is extremely uncommon for obvious reasons(I’m worn out after 5 hours of teaching!).However,many teachers do teach 40+ hours each week.

New Rule: VIPKID Hours 2020

The Ministry of Education in China recently passed a law that forbids online education classes from continuing past 9 o’clock at night. VIPKID hours used to extend to 10pm each night, but they are now cut short.

Keep in mind, this is only a rule for students living in mainland China. Students that don’t live in mainland China are still able to take classes after 9pm but since there aren’t many of these students on the platform, teaching during these hours is rare.

Does VIPKID require minimum teaching hours?

One of the best parts about teaching with VIPKID is that you can set your own schedule. While most online English teaching companies set minimum teaching hours each week, VIPKID does not. Having this flexibility is so helpful, especially when you’re fitting your VIPKID job into an already busy schedule.

Can I take time off?

When VIPKID says you can set your own schedule, they mean it! Taking time off is at your discretion and can be done at any time. There is no need to submit a request or ask VIPKID for time off. As afull-time traveler, this is especially helpful when we’re moving from country to country.

For example, if you want to take the entire month off from teaching in December, go for it! Two weeks in July? No problem. Three months in the summer? Cool!

Does taking time off affect booking rate?

Some teachers are apprehensive about taking time off. They are worried that their regular students will disappear and their booking rate will drop.

有趣的是,大多数教师没有看到change in their booking rate after they take time off. Worrying about your booking rate shouldn’t deter you from taking time off.

While taking a significant amount of time off could briefly affect your bookings, you’ll likely see your booking rate bounce back to normal within a week or two.

The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Hours

VIPKID is one of the best remote jobs for flexibility and creating your own schedule. Although VIPKID offers teachers the ability to determine their own working hours, they must align with Beijing daylight hours. Use these time charts to determine which hours are most compatible with your schedule.

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