Every square inch counts when you live out of a suitcase. We’re really picky about what we pack on our travels…and we’re even pickierwhen it comes to recommending stuff to our friends.

That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of travel resources.From packing essentials to budget airlines to the best travel credit cards, it’s a great checklist to reference before heading out on your next big adventure.

By the way… These are the exact same resources I personally use. I would never recommend a product that I wouldn’t buy for myself.

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What To Pack

Away Suitcases– The actual best travel suitcases. We use the “Away Bigger Carry-On” for all of our world travels.Use the link above for $20 off your purchase.

Thermarest Pillows– We love these pillows, especially when we’re camping in our car! These pillows pack to the tiniest size and can fit in the smallest spaces. They bulk up to be the coziest travel pillows around.

Simple Modern Water Bottles– If you love the trendy look of a Hydroflask but don’t the have extra cash, these water bottles are the perfect solution. Luckily, the quality is just as good.

Zensah– Not only are the long sleeve t-shirts super versatile, but I also frequently wear the sports bras and long leggings. They are perfect for active travelers (and make great gifts!)

ENOhammock– These hammocks come with us everywhere when we travel. They pack small and light and can be set up anywhere with trees.

Helpful Packing Posts

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Skyscanner– Skyscanner has the best deals. Use their “Whole Month” and “Everywhere” options to get the lowest prices on flights around the world.

Skiplagged– Our secret weapon (that VERY FEW travelers know) when it comes to booking airline tickets.

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    Budget Airlines

    The reality of budget airlines is that they can be quite controversial and oftentimes passengers complain about the service and quality of the airline. However, budget airlines are perfect for the traveler who just can’t wait to get out there and see the world.

    AirAsia– For budget flights in Asia and Australia.

    easyJet– For budget flights in Europe.

    Note:As a warning from fellow traveler to fellow traveler, I wouldn’t recommend flying Ryanair to my worst enemy.

    Best Travel Credit Cards

    Chase Sapphire Preferred– Currently offering 50,000 bonus points

    American Express Platinum– The ultimate traveling credit card WITH AIRPORT LOUNGE ACCESS!!

    Capital One– A quick and easy way to cover $500 worth of travel (after spending $3,000 in the first three months).

    Alaska Airlines——一个神奇的卡片提供30000 skymiles之后spending $1,000 in the first three months. They also give credit card holders a companion fare each year and if you don’t know what a companion fare is… you should know!

    Pro-Tip:Plastiq– Use Plastiq to pay bills with your newly opened credit card. Plastiq pays bills that cannot be paid for with a credit card. For example, our car payment must be paid by check or debit card. With Plastiq, I can pay our car off with credit cards.

    Earning More Skymiles (Without A Credit Card)

    Opening up credit cards and spending money isn’t the only way to earn skymiles. Below you will find several alternative ways to earning skymiles.

    The Opinion Terminal– This is a website that allows you to take surveys in exchange for Alaska Airlines skymiles.

    Opinion Miles Club– These are surveys in exchange for United Airlines skymiles.

    EMiles– EMiles will reward you with Frontier, Southwest, or US Airways skymiles for completing surveys.

    RocketMiles– Booking a hotel? Using RocketMiles to book your hotel will earn you skymiles to the airline of your choice.Use the link provided to get 1,000 extra skymiles with your first reservation.

    Best Accommodation Resources

    Airbnb– I think everyone knows what Airbnb is.Please use Airbnb responsibly.In areas where Airbnb is displacing local families, please consider staying in a hotel instead.

    NOTE:Use Airbnb at your own risk. If things go awry during your stay, do not expect Airbnb to help you.

    Homeaway– A company very similar to Airbnb.

    VRBO– Ditto.

    Hotels.com– Hotels.com will reward you with a free night after every 10 nights you book through them.Use the link provided for $50 off your first booking.

    HotelTonight– Get amazing last minute hotel deals with HotelTonight.Use promo code: LAPETERS11 for $25 off your first booking.

    Hostelworld– The best hostel search engine when hotels and other accommodation options are just too expensive.

    Couchsurfing– A free way to stay on locals’ couches, meet new friends, and save loads of money.

    Trusted Housesitters– Looking to housesit? Housesitting is a way to “babysit” other people’s houses. You getfree accommodation, they get someone to take care of their house, pets, and plants.

    Aussie Housesitters– This is a platform dedicated to housesitting in Australia; a very popular trend down unda!

    Kiwi Housesitters– This is a platform dedicated to housesitting in New Zealand.

    WWOOF– WWOOF is a way to learn a thing or two about organic farming around the world. Room and board is provided for you in exchange for a few hours of help on the farm each day.

    Helpful Blog Posts For Accommodation

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    Camping Essentials

    iMoova– iMoova is an awesome website for renting campervans or cars. Instead of paying a fortune, iMoova rents you campervans or cars for $5 or less per day. The only catch is that you relocate the vehicle for them.

    Campendium– Campendium will show you every boondocking site in the USA. Free camping? Don’t mind if I do!

    Campermate– An app geared toward New Zealand camping. This app will show you every campground, free, cheap, or paid.

    Thousand Trails– If you’re an RVer like us, the Thousand Trails membership is a MUST. We paid $400 for a yearly membership that allowed us to LIVE at thousand trail campgrounds around the US.

    Passport America– Like the Thousand Trails membership, Passport America is another membership that HAS to be in your pocket as an RVer. They offer 50% nightly discounts to campgrounds and RV resorts around the USA.

    Transportation Resources

    Zipcar– Zipcar was invented by the rental car companies. With Zipcar, you can rent a car for just a couple hours if needed.

    Uber– If you haven’t used Uber yet, do it.这是5美元从你第一次骑马。Uber is much cheaper than taking a taxi.

    BlaBlaCar– A MAJOR ride-sharing app. Finding a cheap ride has never been easier.

    Grab– The Uber of Southeast Asia. Grab will save you from the taxi drivers ripping you off for all that you’re worth.

    GoJek– We’ve noticed that GoJek is also a very popular taxi application. In Bali, GoJek’s can be ordered and used for taxi service, food delivery, and so much more.

    Rome2Rio– Rome2Rio is a website that will detail each of the ways to get between two destinations. It will also show you a general price for each transportation option.

    Phones And Internet Abroad

    Google Fi– By far the best phone service for avid travelers. We use Google Fi even in the United States. We only pay for data we use and the price remains the same no matter where in the world you are ($10/GB). We’ve used Google Fi in countries all over the world. Highly recommended.

    TEP Wireless– The TEP Wireless device will provide you with internet all over the world. You will be paying for data by the day, so this is a device used mainly for emergencies or for a short travel period.


    MeetUp– The MeetUp app is great for solo travelers or travelers looking to make friends all over the world. Use this app to find groups with similar interests, events, or meet-ups around the globe.

    Blogging Resources

    A2– The first step to a successful travel blog is self-hosting your site. We use A2 because they have affordable prices and excellent customer service.

    SEMRush– A bit more advanced in your SEO game? We use SEMRush to find the best keywords for our blog posts.

    Keysearch– Looking for keywords? This affordable keyword research tool is perfect for beginners.

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