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How to Quickly Get Bookings with VIPKID

So you’ve been hired as aVIPKIDteacher! Woohoo! This is an awesome way tomake money and work remotely. Now comes the hard part: filling your teaching slots with students. I’m about to teach you exactly how to quickly get bookings with VIPKID.

I won’t lie to you, getting students to sign up for your classes might not be easy but it will be worth it. Once you have a steady stream of students coming in, you’ll be able to book students whenever VIPKID hours are available.

Some teachers have students booking classes right out of the gate. For others, it takes a bit longer. But, getting bookings with VIPKID can be done and with these steps, you’ll be able to start getting students quickly.

How to Get Bookings with VIPKID

合法化我自己和我的方法suggest, I’ve been a successful VIPKID teacher for nearly two years. I currently use VIPKID as my sole income to support full-time travel. Many of the teachers I have referred have also gone on to use this as their way to fund world travel. My schedule stays consistently full with about 70-75 classes (about 35 teaching hours) per week.

1. Is it January or February?

First and foremost, I want to address low VIPKID bookings during these two winter months. Unfortunately, Chinese New Year greatly affects VIPKID teachers and it’s important to understand, “I am getting low bookings because of Chinese New Year or because I’m doing something wrong?”

Check out this post for more information about Chinese New Year and low bookings during that extended period of time:Teaching With VIPKID During Chinese New Year.


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    2. Optimize Your Profile

    This might seem obvious but some people completely underestimate how important their profile is.

    If you threw your profile together in a matter of minutes, scribbled down a few of your qualifications, and put up a mediocre picture of yourself.. think twice.

    VIPKID Profile Bio

    Your profile is essentially a summary of your resume. The parents will read through profiles before deciding to book classes. Highlight your experience, education, and why they should book you. Be concise but be thorough.. Oxymoron? Possibly.

    My bio reads:

    Hello! My name is Laura. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota. I have over 10 years of experience teaching children. After graduating from University, I was an English teacher in an elementary school in Bangkok, Thailand and I continue to teach children everyday. I can’t wait to meet your child in class and help them learn English. I believe that learning is easy when you’re having fun, so I make all of my classes exciting and interactive. See you in the classroom!

    Pro-tip:Copy and paste your bio into Google translate. Translate it to Chinese and then back again to English. Read your bio to be sure it makes sense when translated. Some teachers have run into booking problems because their bio isn’t translating well in Chinese.

    VIPKID Profile Picture

    That common phrase, “never judge a book by its cover” doesn’t hold true for VIPKID. The parents will absolutely judge teachers based on profile pictures. If your picture is unprofessional, it’s unlikely they will book you.

    VIPKID No Bookings - Solved!

    我建议一个概要文件的图片是专业yet matches your personality. Attractiveness is also key for profile pictures. Be sure to brush your hair and present yourself in a clean manner.

    My profile picture is of me standing near a tree and smiling. There aren’t any shadows blocking my face and my outfit is something I would wear in a classroom full of children. Be yourself but be professional, too.

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    3. Don’t Wait to Open Slots



    I have found that the teachers who wait to open slots several weeks after they have signed their contract have a more difficult time getting bookings.

    In my case, I signed my contract and immediately opened slots. I can’t guarantee the truth in this but I have noticed that teachers who wait a while to open slots don’t receive bookings right away.

    The reason(that I believe)this happens is because VIPKID will place your profile at the top of the list of teachers as soon as you’re hired. This is more or less a boost for you to get noticed by parents. After the first week, your profile is moved down and newer teachers take over the top spots.

    Therefore, it is smart to dive right into the world of teaching. Open those peak and peak-peak time slots as soon as you sign your contract.

    4. Open PT and PPT Slots

    Speaking of peak and peak-peak time slots..

    These are the classes that are in high demand. Peak and peak-peak time slots are when most classes are booked. Opening these time slots will give you a much better chance of getting booked.

    You can find peak and peak-peak time slots in the bookings tab. They will be labeled as “Hot” and “Hot” with a flame next to it.

    5. Get Certified

    Say whaaaat? You just did all of this work to get hired.. an interview, a demo class, and a mock class. Now you must get certified?

    How to Increase Bookings VIPKID

    Yes. It’s true. When you are hired as a VIPKID teacher, they will give you one or two certifications to start out. Getting as many certifications as you can after being hired is very important for increasing your bookings with VIPKID.

    Don’t be scared away, certifications are easy to acquire. Simply go to the certification tab on your teacher’s panel. Here you will find loads of certifications waiting for you. Some require a simple quiz, others require a quick and easy demo submission (you’ve done this in the demo and mock interview so it’ll be a breeze!).

    How To Get Bookings with VIPKID

    I highly recommend getting the trial class certification when you first start. New teachers will get trial classes more often than main course classes. The pay is the same for trial classes and they are much easier to teach than the main course class, giving you extra time to practice.

    6. Close and Re-Open Booking Slots

    This one is an insider tip and it’s proved to be very successful for many, including myself. If you’re struggling with no bookings, this might just solve your problem.

    When I first started teaching, I was receiving bookings but not as many as I wanted. I started implementing this trick each night:

    8 tips to increase your bookings with VIPKID

    At approximately 11am Beijing time(it was 7pm for my time zone), I would go to my bookings tab. Here, I would uncheck and close out all of the classes that hadn’t been booked yet. Then, I would refresh the webpage. On the refreshed page, I would open all of those slots again, making sure to check that 24hr button.

    For some reason, this worked quite often. When teachers open short notice slots, parents are somehow alerted. This made it more likely to get a short notice booking or two. You’ll not only earn extra money from short notice bookings, but you might grab the attention of a student or two(hello regulars!!).

    I would implement this trick EVERY NIGHT until you start to see your VIPKID booking rate increase to a steady flow of classes.

    7. Open Short Notice Classes

    In order to start getting bookings with VIPKID, I highly recommend using theshort notice button. This “short notice” button will allow students to book classes with you up to 1hr before the class starts.

    Pro-tip:如果你有通知类开放早期莫rning spots, be sure to set your alarm in the morning. You will want to make sure nobody booked you for a class while you were sleeping. A “teacher no show” might not look great, especially if you’re new.

    8. Read the Weekly Newsletters

    Each week, VIPKID will send out a newsletter recapping news, important information, and updates. As a new VIPKID teacher, it is important to read these newsletters and become familiar with the company.

    But the main reason to read this newsletter is that more often than not, VIPKID will offer a way for you to broadcast yourself to parents. This could mean completing a simple course, making a short video about yourself, or even just opening the correct time slots.

    When I first started with VIPKID, they were offering the Jumpstart Program 3.0. After a quick recorded lesson, VIPKID would personally recommend you to parents. This helped me quickly fill my teaching schedule.

    VIPKID has run many programs similar to this throughout my time with the company. If you’re looking to fill your schedule as quickly as possible, pay attention to those newsletters and take part in their programs!

    9. Be Persistent

    As a new teacher, you’re looking to get classes. Quickly. The most annoying thing I heard when I first started out was, “just be patient, the classes will come.”

    EVERYONE told me this. But I didn’t want to wait.

    No Bookings with VIPKID - Solved!

    The good news is you can absolutely speed up the process with these steps. However, the most important step is to be persistent. If you aren’t receiving bookings right away,don’t give up. Continue with the above steps and the bookings WILL come. I have never met a VIPKID teacher who didn’t receive bookings.

    It took me approximately 3 months to become fully booked. Now, a year later, I am working with VIPKID full-time (35 hours per week).

    10. Turn On Your Rebooking Function

    After you’ve completed your trial class certification, the easiest way to increase your VIPKID bookings is by turning on your trial class rebooking function.

    Basically, this allows VIPKID to rebook your trial class if your current student is a no show.

    VIPKID likes when teachers have this function on because it means that they can get more students into the classroom. With this function on, you’re likely to see an increase in trial classes.

    Trial Class Rebooking Function

    To turn on your trial class rebooking option, go toMy Info>Account Center. On the left-hand side menu, clickEnable Trial Rebooking. Then, toggle the little button on the screen.

    11. Get Your TESOL Advanced Certification

    Another way to increase VIPKID bookings is to get your TESOL Advanced certification.

    I have heard from other teachers that this has greatly increased their bookings immediately after completing the certification. If you haven’t yet, I would give it a try!

    More Ideas To Increase VIPKID Bookings

    Before you dive into this section of the blog post, I want to be open and honest about these ideas to increase your bookings. I have never tried these tricks, so I cannot be certain if they will work or not. But, in my opinion, it’s worth a try.

    I’ve always believed that VIPKID is an awesome opportunity for anyone that holds a Bachelor’s degree. The ability to work from home and earn money whenever it fits your schedule? Heck yes!

    Although I’ve never had a problem getting bookings, I know other people who are struggling to get bookings. With that said, here are some more ideas to help increase your classes.

    Teacher Spotlight

    I just learned about the VIPKID Teacher Spotlight a few days ago. The Teacher Spotlight helps teachers gain more exposure to parents. You can upload a video of your classroom and your teaching skills, which will later be displayed for parents to watch.

    Teacher Spotlight

    If they like what they see, you might just earn a few new students and even some regulars!

    I’ve also heard that they will be doing some video “challenges”. VIPKID will give participating teachers a topic; it will be your job to create a video relating to that topic. This will help the parents get to know you better.

    If you are eager to get the ball rolling with bookings, I suggest checking out this new feature on your dashboard.

    Pull An All-Nighter

    I’ve heard murmurs going around that pulling an all-nighter and opening classes for the entire night can help you get more classes when you first start teaching.

    I actually had a referral that pulled a few all-nighters during her first month of teaching(February 2020)and saw a MAJOR rush of classes. She ended up teaching 426 classes that month(way more than I have ever done).

    Even if you aren’t a brand new VIPKID teacher, it’s worth a shot to see if you can gain more exposure.

    Send Mail

    The other day, I went to my VIPKID app on my phone to send some e-cards to my regular students. As I was navigating to the e-cards, I noticed a small gift box at the top of my student’s profile.

    How to Send Physical Mail to Your VIPKID Student

    After clicking on this gift box, I was brought to a screen that said,“You can send a request to your student’s parents to receive their mailing address.”

    Now, before I get too far into this, I’m not telling you to go out and shower your students with gifts. I’m a huge advocate for saving as much money as possible because ultimately we’re teaching with VIPKID to MAKE money, not spend it(seriously, I don’t even buy props).

    But, I think it might be worth grabbing a few cheap postcards from Amazon and sending out some of these to your recent students. I remember when I was a kid, I LOVED getting mail. And while e-cards are nice, it might be cool to stand out from the crowd and send physical mail.

    Here are some cheap postcards that you can grab from Amazon:

    Frozen Postcard Thank You Cards

    USA National Parks Postcards

    After receiving physical mail from you, I can’t see a parent NOT booking more classes with you… I know I would! From there, it’s usually a domino effect. If one or two students are taking your classes, others follow.

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      The Wrap-Up: Low Bookings with VIPKID

      Every VIPKID teacher has a different journey, but EVERY teacher will struggle with low bookings when starting. The best thing to remember is that the bookings WILL come with a bit of persistence. My best advice is don’t give up. This job is well worth the little bit of wait time.

      Want To Teach With VIPKID?

      If you haven’t started the VIPKID application process yet, click on this link to begin:VIPKID Teach. Use referral codeLAURA0279, which will make me your VIPKID referral. Once you use my code, send me an email so I know ( and then I’ll be able to help you through the arduous process!

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      How to Increase Your Bookings with VIPKID


      1. Thank you for these great tips! Do you have to have featured photos in addition to your profile photo? I wasn’t sure how important that was.

        1. Hi Christine,

          Thanks for your question. I forgot to address this in the post. The featured photos are just an additional way to introduce yourself to the parents. I have several photos of me in addition to the profile photo, however, they are much less formal. I posted photos of myself doing things I like (ie. traveling and hiking). I would suggest adding a few extra; perhaps of you and your family, doing hobbies, etc.

          Best of luck


      2. Thanks for all the great information. I am waiting on my background check to clear and then I will sign my contract (any day now). This has been extremely helpful. Thanks so much.

      3. Thanks so much for the info. I have just signed my renewal contract and I have taught only 13 classes. I must redo my profile picture and my tape.

        You are the most human sounding person I have found yet.


        1. Hi Deb,

          Glad this post has helped you! Also, if you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to email me or reach out. I can assure you that I’m most definitely human


      4. Your blog has been so informative. I have been offered a position with another company, but am wondering if VIPKID is a better fit, due to the VIPKID not requiring a minimum hours. I am brand new to this, and very worried about the ratings, trying to correct students who don’t speak my language….. I am a special education teacher and thought I could do this with ease, but the more youtube videos I watch, the more nervous and apprehensive I am becoming! Does VIPKID add classes on at the last minute, then take $/rest of the day’s classes away if you aren’t aware and therefore don’t show up? Sorry if that question is confusing. I’m noticing that is an issue with the other company I signed on with. The other company has a minimum requirement, but I went with them because they book for you; there’s no worrying over your profile picture/video/how to get bookings…..They book for you, which sounds really great. (your bookings posts were great, BTW) Did you teach with anyone else prior to VIPKID? Any advice to offer about VIPKID vs the many others?

        1. Hi Nicole,

          Thanks so much for the positive feedback on my blog! I’m glad it has been helpful to you.

          至于你的问题,我没有教的ny other companies, but I have a lot of friends that have taught with multiple. I’ve heard that it’s best to teach with more than one company because it offers more job security. A lot of people do it so they have a backup in case anything happens with the other company. Being completely honest, I do think VIPKID is one of the top companies to work for and they are flexible about minimum and maximum hours (there aren’t any minimum hours and we pick our own schedules). Some days I don’t teach at all, other days I teach 10 hours. It’s up to me.

          You can choose to teach short notice classes if you want, but if you don’t feel comfortable with classes being added to your schedule last minute, you definitely don’t have to.

          If you do choose to go through the hiring process with VIPKID, I’d be happy to be your mentor, so just let me know!

      5. I have my interview tonight for VIPKID, and I used your referral code. Do you know if there are any companies that don’t do the ratings system, in regards to pay and scheduling? I really want a side gig that’s relaxed and something I don’t have to fret over. I do that enough already as a public school teacher!

        1. Hi Nicole,

          There are several companies similar to VIPKID, unfortunately, I’m noticing that many of them are taking the same kind of payment route (the tiered payment system). I know several teachers who work for GoGoKid, MagicEars, and QKids and they seem to all be changing into this kind of payment structure. However, VIPKID is still quite relaxed, especially in comparison to a public school teaching job. You’ll find that it’s really easy. I sent you an email so we can chat more there!

      6. I’m in the process of filling up my application. I just wanted to know if there is high demand now at the moment due to the Corona Virus outbreak in China. I know that new teachers will find it a bit challenging to get bookings at first but if there is low demand now this could make it even more challenging and I just want to be sure it’s worth it. Thanks.

        1. Hi Amina,

          I think a lot of people are signing up for VIPKID right now because of the pandemic, however, as China slowly returns back to normal, I think classes will be in higher demand within a couple of weeks. A few of my students have said they are going back to school around April 15th, so I would assume classes will go back to normal around that time.

          With that said, I think now would be a good time to go through the process considering it takes some time to complete.

          I hope this helps!

      7. Hi Laura,
        I completed my demo and am awaiting my mock class interview in a few days. I have been looking at many bits of info and found your blog extremely helpful and to the point. My base pay is lower than I would like (7.50). I have been a preschool teacher for 4 years but my BA is in psychology. My demo was not as good as I would have liked. I totally did not understand the demo determined your pay. I thought it was the mock class. Should I reapply like some mention. My fear is that the surge has limited the number of mock interviews available. Any advice?
        Thank you for your blog!!!!

        1. Hi Janie,

          To be frank, I don’t think you will see much of an increase in pay. Since January 1st, VIPKID has changed the pay system for new hires. I actually haven’t seen a new teacher get offered more than what they are offering you, so keep that in mind. You can try, but again, I don’t think you will see an increase, unfortunately. From what I’ve been hearing, they start everyone off at the same pay rate.

          Keep in mind, you will also be receiving incentives for each lesson you complete. You can also opt to teach short notice lessons for an increase in pay!

          I hope that helps!

      8. Thank you so much for all of the tips. I am hoping to get my profile video finished and uploaded tomorrow, which seems to be my last remaining step. Looking for advice on that is what landed me on your blog, but I found so much more that I didn’t even know I needed to know. I was kind of afraid I’d just be thrown into the deep end without a life vest, but your posts have made me really feel like I won’t be completely lost and alone after signing my contract!

        1. Hi Amy,

          I’m so glad that I’ve been able to help! I’ve written over 50 posts about VIPKID from classroom tips to no show policies, etc. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in my posts, you can always ask me, too! Good luck, Amy! Thank you for the kind words

      9. Hi Laura,
        I have just begun the application process. Before I proceeded I wanted to check the reviews and found your post.
        我的问题是如果被少数有任何效果on getting students. While I don’t usually major or even minor on this topic I felt the need to ask. Not only am I African American, but I am also in my sixties. Will either of these be considered a deterrent for parents?
        I did not see many pictures of a minority or older teachers on the website. I have thirty-six years of teaching, also school administration, and I am a retired RN. So, the credentials are there, just don’t know about Chinese racial perception for educating their children.

        Thanks for an honest reply.

        1. Hi Sandra,

          That’s a really great question and definitely one that I want to answer truthfully. Although VIPKID is a very diverse and accepting company, the company itself is not responsible for booking classes with you. The parents are. I have had minorities complete the hiring process with me as their referral and have gone onto being successful VIPKID teachers.

          With that said, I really think it would be a great idea to reach out to a VIPKID teacher that is a minority and get the best advice from them. I can’t pretend that I know what it feels like to teach with VIPKID as a minority, so I do think that is the best option for you moving forward.

          I wish you all the best, Sandra!

          Take care,

      10. Hi Laura!

        Thank you so much for these tips! I wondered if you had any advice for someone who committed the cardinal sin of waiting to open slots? I had to finish my notice period at my other job, and waited a full four weeks before I could open slots. It’s technically my second week with VIPKID, but my profile says it’s day 40 :/ I’ve implemented all your tips above, and I know it will take me a long while to get my first booking. Any advice for a very silly teacher?

        Best and thanks again!

      11. I read this post the other day and got right off to work on my blurb with the translator (I found it best to use simple sentences and of course simple vocabulary) and redo my video…. now I have four bookings! Thanks for the advice!

      12. Hi Laura,

        When you talk about closing slots and re-opening them every night are you just referring to the slots for the next day, or the entire week?

        Thank you for all the great tips!

      13. Hi Laura,

        Your VIPKid articles have been so helpful to me as I started working for VIPKid! I was hired in June and was really excited to start teaching as much as possible, but I’ve only received 8 bookings total, and only 1 in the last 3.5 weeks. I am certified for Levels 1-5 and am working on my second Supplementary Certification, and I make sure to open up my schedule with tons of Peak and Peak Peak Time slots several weeks in advance, but I’m just not getting any booking requests.

        Do you have any tips on getting more students? I would really appreciate any advice!

        Amy G.

        1. Hi Amy,

          Do you have your trial certification yet? If not, get certified in trials and turn your trial class rebooking function on! That should help!

          I also recommend doing trick #6 each night!

          I hope this helps!

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